Sunday, 22 January 2012

Nasty Images!

I'm sure there are many of you that remember a time when tobacco product packs of all kinds were works of art unencumbered by the hideous and downright disgusting images that now readily infest them...all this of course done at the behest of the anti-tobacco tax-payer funded, vacant space between the ears, half-wits. I say half-wits, I'm sure that there is a modicum of intelligence in there, if you look hard enough. 
The problem of course, is that they're so raddled with zealousness that they have completely lost all common sense and reason with regard to  human needs and wants, like for example, people just wanting to enjoy smoking in the convivial atmosphere of a warm and welcoming pub with  those that dare to share the same interests or pursuits. Or dare I say it...those that enjoy smoking too!
Getting back to these appalling  images that despoil a perfectly legal product, I recently wrote to Center for Tobacco Products/FDA asking them to supply me details of how they arrived at the images they subsequently chose...helpfully they supplied a link that does not exist or has been moved. So, I never got to find out how they arrive at choosing these nasty little pics.

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