Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Banking Greed

It would appear that the supposed reform of banker's bonuses is still to be seen, and politicians seem to have thrown in the towel. They're certainly not pulling up any trees chasing greedy fat cats. It looks like the Tories are just looking after their own kind...would you expect anything else?
On the left is Eric Daniels chief executive of Lloyd’s, who will be trousering a luscious £2 million bonus – and this from a bank that took us to the brink of disaster and that we the hard pressed taxpayer are the owners of. To be fair I suppose, this bonus will be in the form of shares, which of course as you know can go down as well as up.
Business secretary Vince Cable thinks Osborne has been too soft on the banks, because he wants the tax revenue to plug some gaps…you don’t say. Personally I think successive governments have been way to soft on banks for far too long. When chief execs of Standard Chartered and HSBC give their bonuses to charity then you know they’re being paid too much.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Nasty Images!

I'm sure there are many of you that remember a time when tobacco product packs of all kinds were works of art unencumbered by the hideous and downright disgusting images that now readily infest them...all this of course done at the behest of the anti-tobacco tax-payer funded, vacant space between the ears, half-wits. I say half-wits, I'm sure that there is a modicum of intelligence in there, if you look hard enough. 
The problem of course, is that they're so raddled with zealousness that they have completely lost all common sense and reason with regard to  human needs and wants, like for example, people just wanting to enjoy smoking in the convivial atmosphere of a warm and welcoming pub with  those that dare to share the same interests or pursuits. Or dare I say it...those that enjoy smoking too!
Getting back to these appalling  images that despoil a perfectly legal product, I recently wrote to Center for Tobacco Products/FDA asking them to supply me details of how they arrived at the images they subsequently chose...helpfully they supplied a link that does not exist or has been moved. So, I never got to find out how they arrive at choosing these nasty little pics.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Antony Worrall-Thompson caught nicking...

Oh dear! Celebrity chef, masterbaker, author, telly star and…patron of Forest has been caught relieving his local Henley-on Thames Tesco’s store of a few of its goodies. Apparently he has been under suspicion for some time, and he had not paid for several items on different occasions. Finally he was caught lifting cheese and wine…one can only hope he picked up only the best of both types of items – I’m sure he did of course. With all the money he’s made, why does he need to steal…and it will be something he can’t walk away from that easily.

Here is someone that Simon Clark fulminated over because of his celebrity status and so chose him to represent Forest, using him as the face of Forest. Well if he is convicted of shoplifting then I hope we don’t see his face anywhere near the Forest site…since ASH would have a field day, and he would prove a deep embarrassment to Clark.
Perhaps in future Clark will choose people who genuinely believe in the cause of fighting the smoking ban, and not just pay lip service to it!