Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Festive Foot!

That spineless twat David Cameron has folded under pressure from the pricks of tobacco control to undertake a review of the so called ‘Plain Packaging’ debacle. It matters not of course that over half a million Joe public voted against any such policy (65% of votes cast), no sir…you ordinary lower orders have no say at all in important matters like these, besides why should you? Your future is in the safe hands of scragg-ends called zealots.

Only your betters should be allowed to dictate policy, and dictate they do. It’s something they do well after all they have had several decades practice, anyway I'm looking forward to seeing that juicy big gangrene foot throbbing away on ciggie packs…and I know you are too…bet you can’t wait – huh?

There is as you know by now – at least those that follow this issue of murderous persecution called the smoking ban – that there is not a scintilla of evidence whatsoever to support what is nothing more than fraudulent garbage. I'm surprised that tobacco companies haven’t threatened the possibility of legal action if any such move is made to obliterate their logos and any branding. As you know branding and logos give product distinction, which of course allows them to stand out from the competition. This is something that zealots naturally don’t care about, because they don’t have to make their living running complex businesses and employing millions of people…so why the hell should they care. If you sponged your living off the backs of beleaguered taxpayers, without the responsibility of caring about those that you employ…would you care…of course not, don’t be silly!

One of the worst aspects of this is politicians allowing zealots to get away with convincing people that ugly disease-porno should be plastered all over a perfectly legal product, no matter what anyone may think of this product. Take the one of rotten teeth for example. Has anyone in the medical profession ever produced documented cases of such conditions ever existing because of smoking? Should it not be reasonable to expect these protagonists must provide irrefutable evidence…would that be too unreasonable? I have a healthy mouth and white teeth, and that’s after smoking a pipe for over 44 years…how do you explain that? These images are fraudulent and nothing less until proved beyond doubt otherwise.

But what I find most disgusting in their grand scheme of  things is how anyone who truly believes in democracy and the freedom of choice, can possibly think it’s right to trample all over the intellectual property rights of legally constituted businesses. In fact as time goes by more and more, Intellectual Property Rights and The Convention On Human Rights have become increasingly intertwined, thus it has become more acceptable that any interference with IPR by those that would wish to desecrate such fundamental rights would find this would also constitute a breach of human rights too.

Politicians and zealots alike should fear this kind of intrusion would invoke the wrath of the international community...who just happen to believe in such freedoms.

Fancy a short shouldn't hurt what few brain cells you have...god knows you don't want that do you?

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas not far away!

I'm looking forward to enjoying my pipe this Christmas because it's been sometime since I've smoked my beloved pipe. Boy what a year it's been eh? A year full of shit and bullets from the anti-smoking fraternity and their cronies. We've seen particularly the massive assault by these shitty shit shits wanting to nail our arses to the wall over so called 'plain packaging'.
These mindless bastards want to festoon perfectly legal products with their vile interpretation of what they think represents smoking related diseases. Anyway more of this in my Christmas post. That's right, if you're eating your festive dinner and you see these foul images then you'll be bringing it all back up...and it will serve you right for reading this crap!