Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Smokers withdraw your services

I was thinking about this the other day when reading yet another regulation that anti-smoking zealots are hoping to see brought in with regard to outside areas, particularly where children are present, and where we smokers are gradually being squeezed from more and more. 
Of course this isn't something that is solely done to its inhabitants on this poxy little island of ours, it largely began and took root over the pond in New York under that monumental twat Mayor Bloomberg.
Anyway the point of my post is that perhaps we should as decent honourable citizens begin to withdraw our services from the whole of society, and this could be our way of making our own small but significant protest against the shabby way we're being treated on a daily basis.
Just recently I received a request from my local county council asking me if I would like to join my local tenants association. Here is my reply.

 “Dear XXX

Thank you for your letter asking me if I would like to become a member of the local tenants association on XXXXXX court. However since the smoking ban I have become a social pariah as a result of relentless persecution. So, unless and until the smoking ban is repealed and I can be welcomed back into social society with my head held high, then I have no intention of once again becoming a fully active member of society".

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


This is only small of course, and there are many other examples of how we can withdraw our labour or input in some way that we can have some small influence, and I'll tell you what...the thought of doing this makes me feel a whole lot better.
I would also like to think that more important smoking members of society, by that I mean those with more influence than me, can show their resistance by telling those in authority they don't wish to participate in something that may be of use to society in general since we smokers are no longer an integral part of this country of ours. It doesn't matter what background you might come from, but it does matter that your voice is heard in this way...I wonder if Forest could do a campaign along these lines?
Perhaps we could form a group called ASH (Action against Smoker Harassment), what a hoot eh?

‘Unless and until the smoking ban is repealed then we do not consider ourselves active members of society’.

Hmm...I might just do a logo.
Oh look...here's one I did earlier.

I make no apologies for this image. Here's a booted and suited cunt if ever there was one!

Just in case you forgot this piece of shite.

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