Sunday, 22 September 2013

Godfrey Bloom must go!

Is it not time for UKIP to put Godfrey Bloom on the compost heap. This buffoon has been wilting for some time and his unacceptable behaviour and off colour remarks (his last one was about sending aid to bongo bongo land) have now worn very thin and should not be allowed to derail UKIPs chances of doing well at the next election. Nigel Farage has done entirely the right thing by removing the whip from this second rate politician, although that doesn't affect his position as an MEP. It effectively means he can no longer take part in formal party business.
Some people mistakenly believe his antics are nothing more than jolly japes, but that misses the point. What is considered fun in a pub atmosphere is not remotely something to be condoned outside those environs. His remark about women being sluts because they don’t clean behind the fridge at a female activist meeting was an absolute gift for lefty luvvies just waiting for this gem. It is true one said she wasn't offended by the remark, and she thought that the media were out to get Bloom because of his recent remarks.

Michael Crick that journalistic dung beetle, made sure that he was there to catch Bloom making a gaff…and of course was duly rewarded. I for one loath and detest Crick, his only reason for turning up where UKIP are concerned is to embarrass them and get it into the news. I have never known Crick (btw who does he work for, Ch4 Ch5 or the BBC?) to ask decent questions at any time of any UKIP politician. Naturally when Crick confronted Godfrey Bloom about the lack of ethnic minorities on the front cover of their party flyer, then sparks began to fly, which is what Crick wanted.
My point is quite a simple one. You have to be highly disciplined when it comes to dealing with the media, and how you handle yourself and reporters is all important. You might call it being PC, well that's fine...but that is the game you have to play whether you like it or not. Nigel Farage is a man with charisma, but he has to surround himself with those he can trust to behave well in the studio and in front of cameras on the street.  Time for UKIP to find a good PR person with first rate media savvy – preferably from an ethnic minority. 

The next election is not that far away...and there is much repair work to be done! 

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