Thursday, 20 December 2012

Will Nigel Farage one day save smokers?

For many smokers it wouldn't have gone unnoticed that UKIP, led by the excellent Nigel Farage, is now without reservation the third main party in British politics, having seen off the limp-wristed Liberal Democrats who are now a tarnished brand because of the issue of student fees. So many voters eyes are turning towards UKIP. Not only is UKIP's kudos improving, but Nigel it seems is the only politician that has two enviable habits that an awful lot of people happen to like. One is to smoke (although like me he would call it a pleasurable pastime), which of course he does with some style (remember that interview in that cafe in Brussels?) and the second, is to tell it like it is.
He is no champion of the botty licker, he is a straight and direct talking politician, which is why his party has gone from strength to strength within a few short years. Whatever your thoughts about Farage, he has most certainly brought a breath of fresh air on to the political stage.
Of course his critics would say that they're a one issue party...but that only serves to miss the point. The political landscape has changed somewhat over the last few years with less voters prepared to trust just one party in power to deliver on their promises. Should UKIP link up with either Labour or the Conservatives to form the next government then quite naturally, Farage will have some influence, he might just have a big enough stick with which to beat a few backs with.
But perhaps a more credible argument exists elswhere, and it's this. It's the issue of gay marriage. Many in the Conservative party are unhappy with this - and are deserting the tories in droves and going to UKIP, what's more many constituent MPs have received angry mail about going down the road of allowing gay marriage from their voters. Churches too won't play ball (imagine the Catholic Church performing such ceromonies) with being forced by legislation to marry gay couples. Cameron at the next election might just find himself between a rock and a hard place, strangely it won't be Europe that rips the Tories apart it will be the issue of gay marriage, and of course this will work to Farage's advantage.
This will be a major part of UKIP's election plank in the European elections in 2014. If it turns out that UKIP could one day hold the balance of power then Nigel Farage could conceivably be more than just a friend of the  beleaguered smoker.
At the last count the Coalition for Marriage has 620,505 signatures. Which of course Cameron has totally ignored.

Yes our national treasure with the buckled nose, is for the umpteenth time on our screens over the festive period. His syruppy tones oozing copiously from our tv sets, blathering, warbling, smug,  cuddlesome, and curdling all at the same time. Sadly though he's on no less than 189 times over the next two weeks. Many appearances will be repeats of the QI quiz which is pants rippingly boring and too far up its own arse. It's often said that less is more - so it's about time Fry followed that advice. When is enough...enough? Anyone for some tinkly ticklesome botty tickling?

BBC chairman Lord Patten came unstuck when coming up against the increasingly effective Tory MP Philip Davies. Patten basically indulged himself in some indignant flouncing whilst giving evidence to the Culture select committee earlier this month. This man is sneering and intolerant of those he thinks beneath him. When asked by Philip Davies if he would give details of his diary, Patten told him not to be ‘impertinent!’
Davies had every right to ask him that question, because of the number of jobs Patten does on a part-time basis, the suggestion being, could he be devoting enough time to the job of BBC chairman. With the grand Lord’s energy often spent elsewhere he is not considered as effective as perhaps he seems to think he is.
You will of course remember that the Savile scandal happened on his watch, and when interviewed on Today’s Radio 4 programme, he refused to apologise for his lack of competent handling over the Savile affair.

A thoroughly supreme arse!

I’m sure you can remember this twat Sir Mark Thatcher, 2nd Baronet, back in 1984 getting lost in the Sahara desert during the Paris-Dakar rally and getting the taxpayer to pay for his retrieval. But even more compelling about this greedy mans’ character was that he became involved in a coup d'état to overthrow President Obiang of Equatorial Guinea.
The coup failed, and while Simon Mann was sentenced to 34 years, which after a pardon was reduced to 4 years, Sir Mark Thatcher escaped with just a fine of 3 million Rand, equivalent to £265,000 – which of course was paid by his mother Baroness Thatcher. What a lucky bastard eh?

This all happened back in 2004, and what is his gratitude to his mother who is now in failing health – well quite simply he just stays away, and really doesn’t give a shit as you can see from the picture above. There he is in Barbados water skiing strutting his stuff while someone else provides company at Christmas for his mum.

What an overfed, over indulged monsterous cunt!


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