Thursday, 16 February 2012

Excrement On Our Streets

I just can't resist coming back to this story about Abu Quatada, whom as you will know has been set free with restrictions which include not using a mobile phone or the internet and neither can he visit any mosque. It's been reported that his mother doesn't want him to stay wise is she. This dreadful slug has cost the British taxpayer a handsome £1 million pounds over the last 19 years to keep him in this green and pleasant land of ours.                                                                   You will also remember he arrived here on a false passport, and has been here ever since preaching against all manner of people in his moronic style...particuarly muslims who leave their faith. This is one sick shit!
But isn't it exstrordinary that the system he so depises has helped to keep him here living in some style. He lives with his brood in a grand house in London and all at the taxpayers' expense, he doesn't pay a penny for the upkeep of the house, nor does he work...he just spouts skip loads of bile with impunity.
There's a huge amount of evidence which isn't circumstantial, which lays bare his hatred  of most of mankind, which include jews, gays and Christians. He has not been charged with any hate crime in this country, because the police authorities say that it may compromise their sources of information.
This shit sucker is wanted for questioning in several European countries such as  France, Belguim, Spain, Germany and the US. I mean that's quite a roll call wouldn't  you say? So, if we can't send him back to Jordan - although were're trying our best diplomatic efforts to draw up an agreement with Jordan on having him returned there - if that fails, then we could simply put him on a merry-go-round, and send him to the countries that want to speak to him. Then when that country has done with this twat, and unless he's charged, he can then be passed on to the next country that wants to bend his bug infested tabholes. You can rest assured of one thing, that if ever he is charged and convicted in the US - then that nasty raggedy head of his will never see the light of day again anytime soon.

One question did occur to me, if he has to remain in this country, then perhaps he can be found a job cleaning sewer pipes for example  (fully supervised of course ) and start paying back all the money he's sucked out of this country.

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