Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Unctuous John Bercow!

Commons’ speaker  John Bercow it seems has grown far too big for his boots and has got himself into trouble with Mark Pritchard MP. If you remember Bercow was chosen almost entirely by the Labour Party as a ‘stick it to the Tories’ speaker, and has never been a popular MP much less so with his own party. His aloofness has often offended members of Parliament from all sides.

This is the arse who wanted MPs to be paid £100,000 a year. In a submission to the Senior Salaries Review Body, Bercow complained about the ‘perverse’ way MPs’ salaries gone backwards over the years – and he wanted urgent action to change things. He has for sometime maintained that MPs should earn around the same as a GP, or even (god forbid) a council boss.
In his submission he wrote this: ‘I am sceptical as to whether the correct comparators have been used for the purposes of assessing our pay.‘You stress that you do not look at how hard MPs work but at what our responsibilities are. I suggest that those responsibilities, in terms of breadth, scope and contact with the public, are comparable with those of a General Practitioner or the Chief Executive of a medium-sized local authority.
The use of such a comparator would point to a significant increase in remuneration for MPs.’
Here is a man who once campaigned to send immigrants back to their own country to please his then girlfriend, he’s certainly changed his tune since then though hasn’t he?
Friends remember his taking this view simply to please his girlfriend at the time Sally Illman, who was a staunch conservative, but is now a Labourite.
Anyway, mild mannered Mark Pritchard deputy chairman of the Tory backbench 1922 Committee, was told unceremoniously (no pun intended) to get out of his way, as he strode magnificently through Parliament complete with entourage. Witnesses have said, Mr Bercow stopped and pointed at Mr Pritchard, and boomed: ‘The courtesy of the House is that honourable members should stand aside when the Speaker passes by.’Without hesitation Mark Pritchard MP told vertically challenged Bercow ‘You’re not fucking royalty’. T-shirts with this wonderfully succinct retort are now on sale in the House of Commons for a very reasonable £10.95, and in several delicious colours!

I strongly suggest this sawn off runt watches his step or he might find someone shoving his head up his arse – at least Bercow could then see what he had for breakfast!

Just run your mouse over this pic to find out!


  1. You've got it wrong Bercow is probably one of the most decent politicians in Parliament.

  2. ive been watching john bercow wetherhe is good or not im not really sure but he makes good news if nothing else