Thursday 26 December 2013

Christmas Festive Foot!

That spineless twat David Cameron has folded under pressure from the pricks of tobacco control to undertake a review of the so called ‘Plain Packaging’ debacle. It matters not of course that over half a million Joe public voted against any such policy (65% of votes cast), no sir…you ordinary lower orders have no say at all in important matters like these, besides why should you? Your future is in the safe hands of scragg-ends called zealots.

Only your betters should be allowed to dictate policy, and dictate they do. It’s something they do well after all they have had several decades practice, anyway I'm looking forward to seeing that juicy big gangrene foot throbbing away on ciggie packs…and I know you are too…bet you can’t wait – huh?

There is as you know by now – at least those that follow this issue of murderous persecution called the smoking ban – that there is not a scintilla of evidence whatsoever to support what is nothing more than fraudulent garbage. I'm surprised that tobacco companies haven’t threatened the possibility of legal action if any such move is made to obliterate their logos and any branding. As you know branding and logos give product distinction, which of course allows them to stand out from the competition. This is something that zealots naturally don’t care about, because they don’t have to make their living running complex businesses and employing millions of people…so why the hell should they care. If you sponged your living off the backs of beleaguered taxpayers, without the responsibility of caring about those that you employ…would you care…of course not, don’t be silly!

One of the worst aspects of this is politicians allowing zealots to get away with convincing people that ugly disease-porno should be plastered all over a perfectly legal product, no matter what anyone may think of this product. Take the one of rotten teeth for example. Has anyone in the medical profession ever produced documented cases of such conditions ever existing because of smoking? Should it not be reasonable to expect these protagonists must provide irrefutable evidence…would that be too unreasonable? I have a healthy mouth and white teeth, and that’s after smoking a pipe for over 44 years…how do you explain that? These images are fraudulent and nothing less until proved beyond doubt otherwise.

But what I find most disgusting in their grand scheme of  things is how anyone who truly believes in democracy and the freedom of choice, can possibly think it’s right to trample all over the intellectual property rights of legally constituted businesses. In fact as time goes by more and more, Intellectual Property Rights and The Convention On Human Rights have become increasingly intertwined, thus it has become more acceptable that any interference with IPR by those that would wish to desecrate such fundamental rights would find this would also constitute a breach of human rights too.

Politicians and zealots alike should fear this kind of intrusion would invoke the wrath of the international community...who just happen to believe in such freedoms.

Fancy a short shouldn't hurt what few brain cells you have...god knows you don't want that do you?

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Christmas not far away!

I'm looking forward to enjoying my pipe this Christmas because it's been sometime since I've smoked my beloved pipe. Boy what a year it's been eh? A year full of shit and bullets from the anti-smoking fraternity and their cronies. We've seen particularly the massive assault by these shitty shit shits wanting to nail our arses to the wall over so called 'plain packaging'.
These mindless bastards want to festoon perfectly legal products with their vile interpretation of what they think represents smoking related diseases. Anyway more of this in my Christmas post. That's right, if you're eating your festive dinner and you see these foul images then you'll be bringing it all back up...and it will serve you right for reading this crap!

Sunday 22 September 2013

Godfrey Bloom must go!

Is it not time for UKIP to put Godfrey Bloom on the compost heap. This buffoon has been wilting for some time and his unacceptable behaviour and off colour remarks (his last one was about sending aid to bongo bongo land) have now worn very thin and should not be allowed to derail UKIPs chances of doing well at the next election. Nigel Farage has done entirely the right thing by removing the whip from this second rate politician, although that doesn't affect his position as an MEP. It effectively means he can no longer take part in formal party business.
Some people mistakenly believe his antics are nothing more than jolly japes, but that misses the point. What is considered fun in a pub atmosphere is not remotely something to be condoned outside those environs. His remark about women being sluts because they don’t clean behind the fridge at a female activist meeting was an absolute gift for lefty luvvies just waiting for this gem. It is true one said she wasn't offended by the remark, and she thought that the media were out to get Bloom because of his recent remarks.

Michael Crick that journalistic dung beetle, made sure that he was there to catch Bloom making a gaff…and of course was duly rewarded. I for one loath and detest Crick, his only reason for turning up where UKIP are concerned is to embarrass them and get it into the news. I have never known Crick (btw who does he work for, Ch4 Ch5 or the BBC?) to ask decent questions at any time of any UKIP politician. Naturally when Crick confronted Godfrey Bloom about the lack of ethnic minorities on the front cover of their party flyer, then sparks began to fly, which is what Crick wanted.
My point is quite a simple one. You have to be highly disciplined when it comes to dealing with the media, and how you handle yourself and reporters is all important. You might call it being PC, well that's fine...but that is the game you have to play whether you like it or not. Nigel Farage is a man with charisma, but he has to surround himself with those he can trust to behave well in the studio and in front of cameras on the street.  Time for UKIP to find a good PR person with first rate media savvy – preferably from an ethnic minority. 

The next election is not that far away...and there is much repair work to be done! 

Friday 20 September 2013

Smoking to be banned in prisons by 2015

There are around 83,000 inmates here in the UK and about 80% of them smoke, and of course we know that inmates have smoked in prison for decades without so much as a single criticism from anyone…at least as far as one can tell.
But now the Ministry of Justice, has decided in it’s non wisdom, that it needs to run a pilot scheme in Eastwood Park women’s prison in the south of England, to see whether a blanket smoking ban (where have we heard that before?) would be effective. I'm pretty certain that they’ll make sure it’ll work. I bet you are too.
Ex lag Mark Johnson says “The community is volatile even now and I would see an escalation in disturbance, staff assaults riots etc.”.
Joe Simpson from the Prison Officers Association had this to say “We don’t want to see in the future our members suffering from respiratory conditions because nobody protected them from second hand smoke…” Naturally the Howard league for penal reform believes that not enough is being done to rehabilitate prisoners with unprecedented budget cuts and staff shortages present greater problems that need to be addressed first.
With all the concerns that the penal system has to deal with, is a smoking ban really an imperative considering the backlash within prisons that will inevitably occur – is that risk really worth it? No member of the establishment can ever be accused of joined up thinking, and this is no exception. I don’t doubt the half-wit resolve to bring in this ban come what may, but if you want to help prisoners to rehabilitate sensibly then taking away the solace that smoking brings to prisoners, then this is wholly the wrong way to go about it.
Since so many inmates smoke then why not just separate smokers from non-smokers, how difficult would that be, and what I don’t understand is, if inmates can smoke out in the court-yard, then why does this present a problem to anyone else. One would have thought that over the last 50 years or so that continual upgrading in prisons with regard to proper ventilation systems would have been a given, since it would be considered unhealthy to have so many people in such close confinement. On that basis once again SHS does not present a problem at all.
With regard to possible legal action by staff (I don’t think inmates would dare) being brought against inmates or the prison service in general because of SHS, well then I can’t for the life of me see how any substantive case can be made against SHS. What would be the evidence? Is there for example any prior documented evidence of prison staff suffering from any respiratory ailments – and to what degree can that be necessarily attributed to SHS and not confounding factors that we experience in our every day lives? How much time would one have to spend in the presence of a smoker to develop any kind of respiratory effect?  Let’s be honest if any such case was ever going to be brought, then it would have happened before now....don't you think?

Look forward to seeing the outcome of this – how about you?

The more intelligent of you can continue 
but the rest must move on

Tuesday 10 September 2013

Smokers withdraw your services

I was thinking about this the other day when reading yet another regulation that anti-smoking zealots are hoping to see brought in with regard to outside areas, particularly where children are present, and where we smokers are gradually being squeezed from more and more. 
Of course this isn't something that is solely done to its inhabitants on this poxy little island of ours, it largely began and took root over the pond in New York under that monumental twat Mayor Bloomberg.
Anyway the point of my post is that perhaps we should as decent honourable citizens begin to withdraw our services from the whole of society, and this could be our way of making our own small but significant protest against the shabby way we're being treated on a daily basis.
Just recently I received a request from my local county council asking me if I would like to join my local tenants association. Here is my reply.

 “Dear XXX

Thank you for your letter asking me if I would like to become a member of the local tenants association on XXXXXX court. However since the smoking ban I have become a social pariah as a result of relentless persecution. So, unless and until the smoking ban is repealed and I can be welcomed back into social society with my head held high, then I have no intention of once again becoming a fully active member of society".

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


This is only small of course, and there are many other examples of how we can withdraw our labour or input in some way that we can have some small influence, and I'll tell you what...the thought of doing this makes me feel a whole lot better.
I would also like to think that more important smoking members of society, by that I mean those with more influence than me, can show their resistance by telling those in authority they don't wish to participate in something that may be of use to society in general since we smokers are no longer an integral part of this country of ours. It doesn't matter what background you might come from, but it does matter that your voice is heard in this way...I wonder if Forest could do a campaign along these lines?
Perhaps we could form a group called ASH (Action against Smoker Harassment), what a hoot eh?

‘Unless and until the smoking ban is repealed then we do not consider ourselves active members of society’.

Hmm...I might just do a logo.
Oh's one I did earlier.

I make no apologies for this image. Here's a booted and suited cunt if ever there was one!

Just in case you forgot this piece of shite.

Saturday 1 June 2013

Did the BBC behave appropriately?

It has almost become a national sport these days when British politicians are embarrassingly set up in elaborate sting operations, and the unfortunate and hapless target this time has been Newark MP Patrick Mercer, who it has to be said hasn’t been one of David Cameron’s favourite MPs. So you can rest assured that call me Dave won’t be losing any sleep over his demise.  I’m sure you’ve been following the story which has been loudly trumpeted by the left-wing raddled organization the BBC, in conjunction with the lefty rag, the Daily Telegraph. Neither of these two media entities cover themselves in any veneer of glory or self respect. I'll come to that in a moment.
If Patrick Mercer has behaved inappropriately then quite rightly he must of course pay the price for his misdemeanours. In fact he has resigned his party’s whip which I think was the right and honourable thing to do, so as not to embarrass Cameron and put the party in a difficult moral position (I refer of course to the cash for questions issue which has become so prominent over recent years), but of course his critics are calling for him to step down as constituent MP for Newark…I suppose you wouldn’t expect anything less from his opponents would you? I do think it has to be said that Mercer hasn't been at all a bad MP and he does and has done a lot of good work for his constituents. I think he has been one of the more likeable Tory politicians with sensible views.

My real problem with this whole affair – which incidentally won’t affect Cameron because of Mercer’s swift action – is the way the BBC and the Daily Telegraph have behaved. I don’t believe it’s ethical for any broadcast media to collude with a national newspaper to deliberately target a Member of Parliament with the sole intent to entrap and subsequently bring about a desired result which is to remove this MP.

Some may argue that it’s for the benefit of us all and this action stiffens the moral fibre of the nation. Bullshit I say! This is nothing more than the media playing politics for its own benefit. Let me explain. According to some commenters Mercer had been suspected for some time of being paid for lobbying on behalf of those that may have a vested interest in using his services as an MP. Well fine…then if evidence exists then why not report this to the Parliamentary Commissioner on Standards rather than set a trap?
It is not the business of media entities to try and ensnare politicians for political gain – we know that both the BBC and the Telegraph want a Labour government returned at the next election.
On Question Time this sting was continually referred to as an investigation. It wasn’t anything of the sort, if you’re investigating something of this nature then that implies prior wrongdoing. They were not investigating prior misdemeanours they were creating a misdemeanour by entrapment and that is deeply unethical by anyone’s standards.
Incidentally and you might have guessed, that the Panorama programme is being screened before Question Time, well now that’s a surprise – just in time for the let’s twist the knife brigade. I’m sure they’ll be lots of spontaneous applause for any points scored against Patrick Mercer.

The BBC and the Daily Telegraph should hang their heads in shame!

Friday 31 May 2013

Tell tale pants

There are times in Tobacco Control when something so ludicrous comes along that it’s impossible to caricature it. Take this nonsense for example. I must confess I had to look at the calendar to see if it was April 1st, but guess what, no it wasn’t.
This it would appear is genuine. Like most politically correct crap that infests our society it will eventually paddle its way across the pond from the US and dump itself on our shores – much to the delight of course of the rabid mouth frothing anti-smoking zealots.

Just like quangos here in the UK which are awash with tax-payers money, it’s more or less the same in the US only it’s the Universities that gobble up tanker-loads of money from hard working people. The University of Alabama is the recipient of $402,721 (approx £270,000) from the National Institute of Health (NIH) for a 3 year study being run by Dr Edward Sazonov and associate professor, which so far has produced a prototype of a monitoring system that (you’ll love this) is in the form of a pair of under pants which when worn can tell when and how often people smoke, and how deeply smokers inhale.

So rather than ask people how much they smoke and expect honest replies under controlled conditions then these pants will supply that information which will then be fed to a computerized data base. Fuck me almighty – eh? What kind of sick shit is this? I bet our Dr Sazonov was salivating at the prospect of getting this loot for such infantile bollocks – or perhaps he was wetting his pants eh? Oooh matron – no pun intended.

The idea of this paranoia with smoking crap invention is to eliminate the need for self-reporting about how much people smoke, so that improved smoking cessation strategies can be forced upon the poor hapless and beleaguered smoker over time. I’m not sure how this would pan out on a practical basis in the real world. Anyway, when you’re going for balls out prohibition then everything is up for grabs – right? Demonise, harangue, and persecute for the sheer hell of it, why not – after all nobody will care will they?

He was asked if he will be applying again for grants when this tranche of funding ends this summer, Dr Sazonov replied, “We definitely want to continue with this research, yes.” I just bet he fucking does – hell, would you jump off the world’s biggest gravy train when you didn’t have to?

But does he intend at some stage that people be forced to wear them so that monitoring can take place to satisfy the sick heads of tobacco control? Will smokers be herded into specially built centres; you know something akin to WW11 nissen huts…for their own good you understand. At first the whole thing might be voluntary, but if that doesn’t work what then…legislate?

But there is one glowing advantage though and it’s a big one. Maybe this twat and three-quarters can tweak the pants so that every time you light up they’ll give you a blow-job.
Or how long you do think it would be before this nutty cunt would have this light bulb idea…fitting them to babies nappies so that they can detect if parents are smoking when handling their babies at any time and anywhere. Oh man, isn’t that beautiful…ha, ha, ha the possibilities are endless!

Listen…I’m going outside to whack my head really hard against a brick wall…care to join me?